Jack's RV-6A

This is a panel, wiring and installation job Tom Knoll completed several years back but we are just now seeing the end results.Notice Jack In the Background, Still Working on it. And as the pictures reflect, it's a beauty.  Jack came up with the basic design and layout of the panel and Tom Knoll was in charge of making it look as Jack desired.  This aircraft is flown from the right seat as you can tell from where the main instrument panel is located.

Tom installed a GX 60 UPSAT GPS/Com, Argus 7000 moving map, S-Tec System 50, King KCS-55A Slaved HSI System, King KX-165 for the ILS work, King KN-64 digital DME and the King KT-76C digital transponder. Jack decided to add dual horizons, VSI's and an annunciator panel to switch information around on the King HSI.  

One Pretty PanelJack started out by purchasing the equipment from us and later bringing up the fuselage up so Tom could run the wiring and fit the custom panel to the aircraft.  Once all the wiring was correctly bundled, the avionics were removed and Jack took the aircraft away to be fully assembled with the new avionics and panels later, much later.  As we all know, projects such as building a fine machine like this one can take three times as longer as one would think it should.  But look at the end results.  Jack built up the wings and the rest of the aircraft, reinstalled the avionics and autopilot and has been having fun ever sense.  We finally got the owner to fly up for some finishing touches on the aircraft.  What a View!Jack's aircraft is typical of the results you can get when you take your time on projects such as the RV-6A and work closely with your avionics shop. 

Again, this build up and installation took place several years ago and sense we have built up other avionics systems and shipped them to other parts of the world.  Jack is the only one that we've seen the end results of. Bet you wish yours looked this good!