Bob Berg's Custom Cessna 210

While Avionics West has designed and built scores of custom panels, Mr. Bergs is unique; I'll explain later.  Bob called us and had a few questions about the Sandel EHSI and the Garmin GNS 430.  After some discussion Bob stopped by the shop with the Cessna for us to look it over.Bob's Custom Panel that He Made  We hashed around the HSI and decided to install a dual slaving amp so to run the Sandel and keep his present EDO-Air HSI.  He thought this would be a good move just in case the Sandel went dark in the future; which I agreed was a good idea.  His original HSI became the indicator for the second GNS 430.  Bob found out that it really wasn't that much more to get the instrumentation that he had desired. 

Out came the Cessna junk radios then the wiring started for a dual slaving amp, Sandel EHSI, dual Garmin GNS 430's a King KT-76C transponder and to top off the stack was the Garmin GMA 340 audio panel.  Now here's what unique about this package.  Early in the installation Mr. Berg had a big desire for custom instrument panels. Owner Made Panels Being his old left panel wasn't a structure and the right side will accept an overlay I gave Bob a quote on the custom panels.  Bob asked could he build his own?  Mr. Berg owns a rather large paint factory and as we found out, he's handy with his hands.  We agreed to him making the panels on the condition he work with us on what would go where.  Bob made several trips to the shop while making the panels to make sure his measurements were correct.  Avionics West installed Bob's custom panels on a time and material rate.  Take a look at the results; no one could have done a nicer job.  I don't know how many hours he had in making the panels but the finished product was second to none. 

We tried to hire Bob after seeing his quality work but he refused; something about making more coins at the paint factory.  Notice How Well These Panels LookThe panels were painted verses the normal powder coating but they look just as good.  You can bet Bob didn't shoot those babies with a rattle can!