Dale Brown's Cessna TR-182

In my opinion (for what it's worth) the Cessna TR-182 is one of the best all-around aircraft ever built.  It hauls four people, turbo-charged up to 31 inches, has a big-block Lycoming 540 that is just loping along at cruise and the gear fold up for a few extra knots.Dale's TR-182  One has to go out of their way to get in trouble with this aircraft, it's really forgiving.  Mr. Brown's TR-182 is in exceptional condition and it's kept that way.  

The ARC radios were long gone but the old KX-170's were starting to reflect their age.  Due to the fact Dale's wife was taking instrument lessons in the TR-182, it was decided now was the time for the upgrade.  Besides, we had just finished a large installation on his Cessna 421, thus he now had something to fly.  Now was the time to upgrade the machine.  

Kevin and Mr. Brown discussed what avionics would best suit the aircraft and Mrs. Brown flying.  It was decided to keep the WX-1000 series StormScope and the King KT-76A transponder.  The aircraft hosted a S-Tec PSS system, thus it was more economical to install a S-Tec System 60-2 along with Auto-Trim and Altitude Pre-Select.  After all, if those items were in the big Cessna 421, the TR-182 deserved no less.  Also installed was a Garmin GMA 340 audio panel, GNS-530, GTX 327 transponder, UPSAT SL-30 for the #2 nav/com, King KCS-55A HSI system and a SkyWatch traffic system.  See, we installed the SkyWatch in the Cessna 421 and after one flight Dale knew the 182 just had to have the same traffic system.  Yes, the SkyWatch system is that good.  Custom instrument panels and lower switch panels were to be installed and powder coated the color of Dale's choice.  Ring lighting was also installed between the instruments and custom panel when possible.  By the way, this ring lighting is knock-down pretty at night.

The test flight was uneventful and finally, it was time to call Mr. Brown for delivery.  I was hoping he would forget the little "TR" was in our shop, I could have put it to good use.  Flying his big 421, chances are he could has easily forgotten about this little jewel but his wife didn't... It was a sad day to see it fly away. 

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Страшная жирная телка берет у рябого негра