Eric Buell's Cessna 182Q

I'm sorry that I lost the photos of the original radio stack; it was your typical ARC nightmare and the panels were cracked and crazed plastic.Eric Buell's Cessna 182Q  I'm sure you get the picture.  

Of course the first thing we did was out with the old and in with the new.  We installed a Garmin GMA 340 audio/marker/ICS panel, GNS 530 nav/com/ils/GPS/MAP, GTX 327 transponder and a couple of GI-106A indicators.  Also to be displayed on the "double size" GNS 530 display is traffic by Goodrich SkyWatch.  The UPSAT SL 30 provides com and nav in the #2 position.  The JPI 700 gives Mr. Buell a heads up on how well the engine is running and the JPI 450 Fuel Flow System which is connected to the Garmin 530 tells him if he has enough fuel to the destination airport.  The King DME, located in the bottom of the radio stack  is basically along for the ride.  Custom instrument panels and lower switch panels were fabricated.  Ring back lighting is install, thus no difficult post lamps.  The instruments appear to be internally lit using the ring lights. 

The S-Tec System 30 two axis autopilot sure comes in handy when Mr. Buell needs both hands free and the GPSS steering follows the flight plan that is loaded into the GNS 530.  Yes, these systems are fully integrated.  With the automation of the GPS navigation system in the aircraft, custom panels in conjunction with the safety the SkyWatch provides, this is one nice 182!

Pilot's Side Room To Expand Easy to Operate Stack A/P Control Switches