Custom Panels For All Size Aircraft

As most of you know, I sold Avionics West some time back to Steve Walker and now sell avionics products via the internet on this website. Of course I'm still available for tech questions.   When I was King of the Avionics West, our main business was custom panels and high tech avionics installs in high performance aircraft. Custom 150 PanelI refused to do an installation on experimental aircraft or take jobs that weren't large, custom installations and yes, I had my reasons for this.  Why you ask?  Over the years I found a "nitch" market and we did well in it.  We fabricated some of the most outstanding custom panels in the country that many of my customers considered a show piece as well as my competitors.  

Avionics West New Owner Steve Walker wants to continue that trend but he's expanding into markets and a direction I didn't care to go.  Steve feels he can provide the same high quality installations in experimental and low performance aircraft that the shop presently does now with larger aircraft. Steve also allows some aircraft owners to purchase their equipment elsewhere and he complete the installation, another path I never treaded.  Is it working for Steve?  It appears that it is; Steve desire is to serve the complete aviation community, not just the guys who can afford the high dollar installations.  

Take for example the Cessna 150 you see here.  No doubt, this aircraft was a "pumpkin" when delivered to Avionics West.  The plastic Cessna panel and red lower switch panel was so ugly that the average pilot would only fly the aircraft at night.  Who picked Cessna interior colors?  While no one is admitting to such a disaster, I'd be willing to bet it was a man with poor taste.  The Honeywell equipment with the big MFD is a great choice for this aircraft.  Now if Steve's boys can turn this Cessna 150 Pumpkin into a Cinderella, imagine what they can do to your aircraft?  Turbine, high performance, experimental or low performance, Avionics West now takes on all makes and models of aircraft.  Got an installation questions?  Give Steve Walker a call at 805-934-9777.