Joe Cogan's Garmin GNS 530

"Wait a minute" you say, "this is not a custom-built panel!"  Well, you are correct.  Avionics West installed the Garmin GMA 340 audio/marker/ICS panel and the giant size GNS 530 along with relocating  some of the  radios in the center stack. Even I can see the GNS 530  Now the question is; why would I place this aircraft in the custom panel section even though it has the Cessna original panels?  My goal was to show you what the ultra-modern GNS 530 would look like when placed in a radio stack full of, well let's say some of the equipment is dated.  Joes Cessna 182 supports The Garmin 340 audio/marker panel along with the ICS function being wired in.  The Garmin GNS 530 is obvious to the most casual observer.  Under the Garmin is the Narco MK-12D and some type of autopilot that is older than I am.  The Narco dinosaur AT-50A transponder sits at the bottom of the radio stack. 

Our first GNS 530 was in Joe's Cessna 182.  We had one GNS 530 in stock and six different aircraft owners lusting after it at the same time.  We decided to make our first 530 installation in Joe's 182 mainly because we knew if we could make the great GNS 530 play with his older avionics, the 530 would work with anything.  Even the Narco AT-50A transponder worked with this unit!  Notice that even with the monster GNS 530, we Joe Cogan's Nice Cessna 182still were able to get most of the avionics in the center radio stack.  Only the old Bendix T-12C ADF is located on the far right side of the machine.  I couldn't talk Joe into removing the old ADF.  Mr. Cogan just got back from a 50 hour trip in the 182 from Alaska.  He's written a nice sidebar for me to use in my GNS 530 product "Review" along with some photos.  You'll be able to read his thoughts on operating the GNS 530 in the near future.