Connect Public Relations 414A

Avionics West specializes in custom panels and one-off work on twin engine aircraft and we see the them all; from the worst to the best. One Nice 414A Without doubt, this 414A is the cleanest twin engine aircraft we ever had in our hanger.  The paint, windows and exterior is second to none; the interior is so nice I was somewhat skeptical about working on the machine.  It's obvious to the most casual observer that this Part 135 aircraft is been kept in prime flying condition. Wish I could say that about all the aircraft that visit hanger but I can't. 

While we didn't install many of the radios in the center stack, we did the custom work on the instrument panels and upgraded some of the avionics.  Pilot Mike Healy had us install a S-Tec System 55X two-axis autopilot complete with the King KI-256 flight director, remote annunicator panel, auto-trim and of course, altitude pre-select.  Also installed was a Sandel SN-3308 EHSI and a Garmin GMA 340 audio/mkr panel.  Of course the original panels didn't cut it, thus Tom Knoll and Ryan designed new instrument panels. 

While my pics may not be the best in the world, it's pretty obvious that this 414A is one of the finest on the line today.  Nice paint, interior, engines, new avionics and Mike professionally flying the machine; well that is about as good as it gets.  The upkeep of this aircraft should be an example for other aircraft owners to follow.

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