Roger Husted's Custom Panel

Dr. Husted and I talked for sometime before he finally made it down one Saturday which gave me the chance to look over his Beechcraft and give him a quote on the installation he desired.  Dr. Husted's Custom PanelDuring our lunch we talked about the equipment layout and where everything would be placed; if at all possible, Roger wanted the monster size MX 20installed in the center part of the instrument panel.  This would allow easy access to the buttons on the MX 20 and a good view of the large moving map.  Roger wanted to drive the MX 20 with a Garmin GNS 430.  Now you may wonder why someone would elect to install another color moving map (which is included in the GNS 430) with the MX 20 IIMorrow MFD.  Well, first off it was cheaper.  By the time you would purchase any other IFR GPS along with a nav/com with glideslope, it didn't take Roger long to figure the GNS 430 was not only the cheapest way to go but he would gain more features going this route.  Mr. Husted and I discussed fabricating new metal panels due to the fact the original ones leaved a lot to be desired so to speak.

Installer Dave Bost removed all the old dinosaur avionics and installed a new GMA 340 audio/marker/ICS panel along with the GNS 430 GPS/Com/ILS/Moving Map, GTX 327 digital transponder and an SL 30 com/nav with the proper indicator.  During the installation Dr. Husted's lust for the Sandel EHSI grew so he caved in and purchased one along with the related King gyros. Nice Custom Beech Panels Dave had to replace some of the aircraft wiring due to poor condition during the avionics installation.  Dr. Husteds custom panels turned out looking great; he loves the new look of his Beechcraft.  Notice in the pilot's panel there is an annunicator panel in the top right corner; this panel is required by our regional FAA for IFR certification. 

Roger loves the combination Sandel with the GNS 430 and the awesome display of the MX 20.  Believe it or not, the GNS 430 and MX 20 combination is one of our fastest moving combination packages we sell.  Roger read the instruction manuals on the equipment he purchased before our flight and had flown the GNS 430 simulator on his home PC.  During our test flight, Roger already had a good idea on how the equipment operated thus he required very little input from me.  Two days later I got a call from Roger bragging on how well he liked his new equipment.  Year prior, I always called folks after a few days to see how they like the equipment; now days the call me and are as happy as a rooster in a hen house.