Mr. Lee's Cessna 414A

Mr. Lee got tired of flying around with avionics that seemed to fail between each fuel stop and missing ATC calls.  The ragged old Century IV autopilot had long seen its better days and really didn't fly the big Cessna the way it should have even when new.  

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We removed the failed HSI and King radar altimeter then sent them out for repair.  Kevin talked over Mr. Lee's wants and desires then a plan of attack was formed.  Out came the old King radios and autopilot.  The original instrument panels looked rough with years of wear, paint peeling and holes that no longer held instruments.  Kevin hired an structures DER to figure out where and how to mount the GPS antenna. See, anytime you mount an antenna in a pressurized vessel, engineering paperwork is required unless it's been completed via a multiple STC. Custom panels were designed and cut to suite Mr. Lees taste and the power coating finish was the same color as the original panel colors BUT without the unwanted holes.  All of the instruments were lighted using our lighted instrument wedges.  We installed a Garmin GNS 430 com/ILS/GPS/Color Map, UPSAT MX20 MFD, UPSAT SL30 Com/ILS and matching ILS indicator. The Garmin GTX 327 transponder and GMA 340 audio panel were also included.  

Mr. Lee wanted an autopilot the could fly the aircraft as good as he could and opted for the S-Tec System 60-2 with auto-trim.  And who wouldn't pay another $995.00 for the award winning S-Tec GPSS if you going to be flying around with a S-Tec autopilot and Garmin 400/500 series radio? Mr. Lee was thrilled when he first saw the avionics package, it looked better that he thought it would.  I flew with him to his home airport to indoctrinate him on the new avionics.  Of all of the new tools in his avionics arsenal, he liked the GPSS best.  That I can understand.  Mr. Lee flew the 414A quite well and soon had the new avionics figured out.