Landon Ray's New Panel

Mr. Ray's decided to give us the opportunity to install a new instrument panel due to the fact his old panel was cracked and sagging.Adds A New Look to the Machine  In fact, the DG was rubbing on the control yoke and could have limited the amount of travel.  Based on the above problems and having to look at a old panel that didn't reflect the rest of the aircraft, Mr. Ray decided to upgrade.

We didn't add any new avionics at this time.  The King radio stack does a fine job of getting Mr. Ray around California.  The custom color of the panel was determined by the owner and as you can tell from the pictures it really looks great in this machine.  Can you imagine how sprucing up the instrument panels as you see here will add to the value of the aircraft should Mr. Ray decide to sell it in the future?

raypanel1.jpg (32245 bytes)

Panels Increase the Resale Value of the Machine