Bailey Sory's Custom 210

Bailey's got a really nice Cessna T210 but it lacked some modern avionics to talk and navigate with that's needed now days.Nice Panels for a Nice 210 Fortunately, Bailey and I started a dialog via e-mail and a  month or so later, he dropped the aircraft off for the installation.  We tried a couple of new techniques on this aircraft trying to save time and in return, save the owner some hard earned dollars.  Instead of manufacturing the panels ourselves, we elected to have the metal work done elsewhere but it took the shop four tries to get the product the way we wanted it.  Sure,  they look fantastic now but we didn't save a cent but increased our down time.  No, we didn't charge Mr. Sory for the extra charges, I ate those and rightly so. But from now own we fabricate our own panels again, just like the old days.  We also fabricated new switch and circuit breakers panels just to spice things up a bit. Another View The results are obvious by looking at these splendid panels, just like Mr. Sory wanted them.

Dave Bost installed a pair of Garmin GNS 430's, GMA 340 audio/marker/ICS panel, GTX 327 transponder and a FS-450 JPI fuel flow system. We replaced most of the cheap, non-pull type breakers with circuit breakers that you can pull should you need to shut down a piece of equipment individually. The King HSI system was installed prior to this installation.  We placed the optional controls for the autopilot on the pilot's yoke.sory2.jpg (20666 bytes)  Now the altitude hold and autopilot modes can be controlled from the pilot's yoke along with PTT and trim.  We've found installing the autopilot controls on the yoke sure ease the pilot's work load; unfortunately not all aircraft will allow the autopilot controls to be installed in the yoke due to space. 

As with most of our installations, we thought about future products Mr. Sory may desire.  Extra wiring for a future WX-500 StormScope and a Sandel EHSI were installed at this time, thus reducing installation time in the future.