Dr. Keith Thommison Cessna 210

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, this is not a custom panel but a panel full of modern avionics. Notice Keith's aircraft is full of radios including a S-Tec system 60-2 with altitude pre-select, HSI, dual nav/coms, transponder, audio panel and loran. Multi-Function Display Give us More Room Oh, I forgot to mention the King KMD-150 Color multi-function display with a built-in GPS!  Yes, the loran is there just because we had plenty of room on our hands. 

What we are finding now days with modern avionics as Keith has is there's more than enough room in the radio stack!  Years past room was a real problem.  Even with the King multi-function display we had room left at the bottom of the radio stack and the complete right side.  Keith loves the KMD-150.  He states the display is easy to read and use.  Recently Keith connected a WX-500 to his KFD-150 display (under our supervision) and it works great.  One display and many inputs, that's what MFD is all about. If you are thinking about adding some modern avionics to your aircraft multi-function display is the way to go.  It's normally cheaper and give you more room to work with.