Not Just "Another" Cessna Skymaster

This aircraft required a lot of planning before fabricating the custom panels you see here.  See, each partner in the aircraft had a different idea on exactly what they wanted and then we had to see what would fit where.  Finally, we all reached a decision on the panel lay-out and they were cut.  Of course while the custom panels were being thought out, Tom Knoll was busy installing the antennas, and avionics center stack.  We really like working with the aircraft owners on layout and what avionics best suite their needs.  Believe it or not, our goal is a satisfied customer at the end of the project.

Mr. Tilton and Group decided the UPSAT package would best suite their needs.  After a lot of discussion, they chose the UPSAT SL15 audio panel, MX20 MFD, SL 30 Nav/Com, King slaved HSI system, SL70 transponder and a GX 50 IFR GPS.  The GPS can be displayed on the HSI via a annunciator/switch panel.  While we were at it, Mr. Tilton asked us to install a S-Tec System 55X with altitude pre-select and auto-trim.  With these systems in place, the Skymaster is one nice machine to fly.

Once Nice Skymaster! Notice the Monster Size MX20 MFD Instuments for the Copilot Looks Great in the Dark