Mark Trulson's New 182 Avionics Upgrade

While it's true we didn't make the panels in this new Cessna 182 we did install the modern avionics package.  As you can tell from the photos, this is not your factory Cessna 182. Making a New 182 Better! Out came the Cessna directional gyro and one of the King KX-155A's.  We installed the King KG-102A slaved gyro system and wired it into the Sandel SN3308 EHSI.  We reconfigured the radio stack and installed the Garmin GNS 430 system.  The Sandel EHSI will display the GNS 430 data along with the KR-87 ADF, the KX-155A that is the #2 navigation system and the marker beacon out of the factory installed KMA 26 audio/marker panel. 

Installing the Sandel EHSI did present some new problems for us. Getting the Sandel to talk to the King autopilot was quite a chore.  You've got to have a lap top and a ton of patience to program the autopilot to see the Sandel.  Once that chore was completed, the autopilot flew better than ever before.  Mark is very pleased with the performance of his new avionics and the way the panel looks now.  I personally think this is the way the factory should make the new 182 look with the exception of the KMA 26 audio panel.


Mark now wishes he had changed out that pesky KMA 26 audio panel that keeps failing.  The marker in his first KMA 26 failed and we replaced it with a new warranty unit from King.  But as Mark's luck would have it, that one has failed too!  Mark purchased the extendedMark's New 182 Avionics Upgrade warranty on the panel (which was a wise choice by the way:-)  By adding modern avionics to the new 182, he now has a very capable aircraft.  Over 50% of all new Cessna 182's and T206's will have an avionics upgrade with in three months of their manufactured date.  Many leave the factory and head for the avionics shop before the owner takes possession of the machine.   Mark now has reliability and situational awareness; the two features that Cessna did not provide.  If you see a new 182 full of modern avionics and he's smiling, chances are it's Mark. 

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