US Technical Services Installs a King IHAS 

Many of you probably don't have a clue what an IHAS system is.  To say it's a new concept in general aviation is the understatement of the year.  This is our first IHAS installation and I'm still learning many of the nice features; John, the aircraft's will be busy reading the book for a few days, you can bet on that!  Below is an over view of the IHAS system and just a few of its components. While this installation did not include new panels (the aircraft is a new T206) we did make many modifications to the existing panel.  Besides, what other piston aircraft can boast of an avionics package like this T206.  

The Integrated Hazard Avoidance System, referred to as IHAS, is a new concept in general aviation safety systems. IHAS allows the crew to easily access information regarding the four critical elements of flight safety:

IHAS provides position, weather, traffic, and terrain information via a single panel mount display/controller using a common pilot interface for all functions.The Magic KMH 880 Black Box The centerpiece of the Integrated Hazard Avoidance System is the KMD 550 or KMD 850 Multifunction displays (MFD). The color MFD is used to display information from and also to control the other components of the Integrated Hazard Avoidance System. Other IHAS components will include a subset of the following avionics: a lightning detection system, a weather radar system, a data link receiver, a traffic sensor (TAS or TCAS), a data link transponder, and the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS). IHAS, which integrates position, weather, traffic, and terrain information, provides a new and unparalleled degree of safety for business/general aviation aircraft and their passengers.

The KMD 550 Color Multifunction Display (MFD)

The KMD 550 MFDThe KMD 550/850 Multifunction Display (MFD) features a large 5" diagonal high resolution LCD display - all solid state memory - no hard drive or CD-ROM drive, low power consumption - less than 25 watts, and a unique distributed processing architecture.

The basic MFD provides interfaces for a GPS a WX-500 Stormscope¬ô, and for an NTSC video input. Various plug-in modules support additional functions. These modules presently include the KAC501 Weather Radar Interface Module, the KAC502 EGPWS Interface Module and the KAC504 Traffic Interface Module. The modular design of the MFD not only permits easy field upgrades, but also allows each function (map, weather, traffic, and terrain) to operate continuously in the background, regardless of what the crew has selected to be shown on the display. The MFD utilizes a 5" diagonal AMLCD to display a detailed moving map that includes three integrated sets of data. The aeronautical database utilizes a customized Jeppesen database with airports, victor airways, VORs, NDBs and special use airspace (included altitude limits). The enhanced cartographic database includes rivers, roads, lakes, coastlines, cities, railroad tracks and towers (including AGL and MSL altitudes - US only). The topographical/elevation database provides altitude information and topographical shading. This system is specifically designed for aircraft without a weather radar system.

KDR 510 VDL Mode 2 Data Link Receiver

KDR 510 Data Link ReceiverThe soon to be available Bendix/King KDR 510 Data Link Receiver from Honeywell provides continuously transmitted weather information through high-speed VDL Mode 2. NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs and more can be displayed for any area of the country at any time, offering unprecedented awareness for an economical cost. Weather is shown on the crystal-clear, easy-to-use KMD 550 or KMD 850 Multi-Function Display. It's hard to imagine so much information from such a small box and low price.

The AirCell Guardian 1000

The Guardian 1000 airborne cellular communication system has been specifically designed to increase flight safety in piston engine airplanes.AirCell Guardian 1000 In addition to providing crystal clear voice communications and airborne Internet access to the latest NEXRAD weather maps, the Guardian 1000 allows communications with the ground even in the event of a total electrical system failure. By utilizing the standard battery back-up system, pilots can dial 911 and immediately communicate with the nearest FAA Air Traffic Control center. By combining the latest wireless and Internet technologies, the Guardian 1000 allows the pilot to have NEXRAD weather maps and other pertinent weather information, enroute, using AirCell¬ís Flight Guardian services. Data can be displayed on Multifunction Displays, Personal Digital Assistants or Laptop PCs in either text or graphic formats. This new capability permits the pilot to fly safer, more strategic routes... around the weather, rather than having to guess what lies ahead. With the Guardian 1000, AirCell now brings data connectivity and crystal clear voice communications to every part of General Aviation. Whether you need to check weather at your destination, or arrange a meeting with a client, AirCell products and services are reliable, affordable and available right now. The AirCell 1000 is standard radio stack width and fits in any general aviation radio stack. The antenna should be placed on the bottom of the aircraft.  It's rather large and looks like a kick starter for a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.  This antenna has a speed limit of 250 knots; John will have to pay close attention not to exceed this airspeed during climb out:-)

Of course to go along with the IHAS system is a host of other antennas to be installed on the aircraft for the built-in GPS and TCAS system. It All Fit! During the installation we added a new directional gyro and electric horizon indicator on the right side of the aircraft.  Due to the fact this Cessna can stay in the in the air for hours on end, John asked us to install a AICD-3 AM/FM/CD music system that is piped through the PS-Engineering audio panel.  Panel-mounted BOSE X headsets were installed in the two front seats.  To get all of the features of the new equipment to operate properly, we installed an ADC-200 Fuel/Air Data Computer.  The AirCell Guardian 1000 was installed on the right side of the aircraft.  The PS-Engineering PMA 7000 will easily accommodate the AirCell phone thus John can use the airborne cellular communications system via his BOSE headset without having to plug into another set of jacks.

It's pretty obvious that this aircraft isn't your typical "Lets get a hamburger" machine.  This machine is a business office that is flies.The Picture Says it All  Mr. Courtney has been a pleasure to work with.  We didn't sell him anything; he researched out his needs and desires, then called us and asked would we handle the project.  You see the results. 


Right Panel

Nice Display!


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