Uwe Wessbecher's Cessna T210

Mr. Wessbecher delivered his Cessna T210 to us for a "facelift".  The old avionics weren't that bad but age was taking it's toll on reliability not to mention the previously installed S-Tec autopilot wasn't flying the T210 as it should.  Mr. Wessbecher gave us the opportunity to install a Garmin GNS 430, GMA-340 audio/mkr panel, GTX 330 Mode S transponder, JPI FS-450 fuel flow system, UPSAT MX20 MFD and a Sandel SN-3308 EHSI.  He also elected to upgrade the S-Tec to include altitude pre-select and a remote annunciator.  One of the King KX-155's and DME were left in as back ups.  As you can tell, custom instrument panels were fabricated and lower switch panels built to spice up the looks.

The first thing we did was identified the failed S-Tec components, removed them from the aircraft and shipped them out to S-Tec for repair.  Later we reinstalled the S-Tec components.  Please notice that on the right side of the instrument panel, the oil pressure and temperature gages are slanted toward the pilot for better viewing.  Mr. Wessbecker manufactured that nice piece of  work.  See, Uwe owns a large machine shop and wanted the slant you see in the picture.  Being we couldn't build it, he decided to have his machine shop do the job and the results are outstanding.  

Custom lighting was used when possible verses post lamps.  I had the opportunity of flying behind this panel for sometime and believe me, it's a joy!  The GTX 330 mode S transponder did a great job of displaying traffic on the Garmin GNS 430.  During the test flight everything worked as advertised and S-Tec flew the aircraft better than I could.

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