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The G 600 Prep and Much More

Meet Phil Klassen's 1977 TU 206G.

When Phil first came to us to discuss his new upgrade panel configuration,  the conversation revolved around the desire to install a Garmin G600 EFIS with new  upper and lower panels.  The only problem is the fact that the G 600 won't be available for another year and if the speed of which the incorporation of Garmin's WAAS is progressing at, is any kind of an indicator, it might be 2.   Phil really wants the G600 eventually but  doesn't want to wait for the rest of his upgrade to start and doesn't want to tear the airplane apart again for it.  So the plan evolved into a two phase upgrade.  The goal is to install all of the goodies now in such a way so as to make the G-600 totally Plug and-Play.  First phase will install all the new radio stack equipment, autopilot, and the rest.  The main stack will be a new PMA 8000B,  Garmin 530,  SL-30 with GI 106A, GTX 330, System 55X with Autotrim and Alt / Preselect.  Pretty standard so far right? Now lets add the new JPI EDM 930 engine performance system. This great new TSOd for primary replacement unit is to be mounted in the center radio stack along with the rest of the radios.  The installation of this system will effectively remove the Tach, MAP/Fuel Flow, and complete Engine Cluster and so now, there's not enough room for everything to fit in the center stack.  Solution, The 55X gets the axe for the Century Triden Aviator Plus which will fit into a 3ATI leaving just enough room in the center stack for the rest.  The Triden plus system is a full two axis autopilot that comes standard with the 52D67 Electric horizon, Slaved NSD 1000 HSI, GPSS interface and Autotrim all for around $21k.  Not a bad deal for all of that.  

Stay tuned for the rest of this unique installation as we will go through entire process in detail.









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